What is the Best Way to Become Better in Bed?

What is so special about penile penetration? Aside from the obvious – that it’s nice to hear a woman complain about how nice your penis is in the bedroom – it’s the little things that count.

I’m talking about confidence and work-out sessions. Countless surveys reveal that women place a huge importance on sexual performance. They mint to the idea that it’s a necessary component of a healthy relationship.

So what’s the best way a guys can earn that confidence? Besides doing penis exercises that most guys are too idiot to do, they can earn their confidence from a variety of ways.

It can be a lot of things. But lets look at two of them first:

Porn stars and braggarts pay for many hotel rooms around the world, so lets round up and take a look at their “man power”.

Firstly, many porn stars work out at least twice a day. They have massive biceps and six pack abs, they probably shower all day and wear massive wristwatches and breathable shirts that make up for the pushing that they do without really working out.

They eat mostly processed foods and junk food and spend Most of their time watching porn.

So how do these guys perform in the bedroom? You’d like to think that they know what they are doing, but honestly, being as we all know, we don’t know everything, at least not enough to apply any great techniques.

Some great stories have been told about porn stars, from the time they are little, they know exactly what tricks their trainers give them. Little does their trainer know that these behaviours are learnt, and with time, they figure out exactly what to do to get themselves to the fantasy point. And pretty soon they’re on to having sex in adult videos. Some take it as far as having sex with animals.

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but I think it might be these particular porn stars that most appeal to women. Aside from the obvious traits of girth (number #1 on the ” hits” list) and penis size, these guys have something to tell us. They’re not afraid to use language that other men won’t. They might talk about sex the same way we do, but they always make sure to add a sexual twist to it.

You see, language is always about gender. If you’re talking to a woman, you’re talking to her as a guy. If you’re talking to a man, you’re talking to him as a woman. We all feel different things when we’re multitasking, making decisions, and coping with a hectic day. Sometimes, we’re in a meeting and just thinking about one thing. In other situations, it’s natural to feel sexual.

So how do porn stars do it? How do they keep the secret? Well there are actually two secrets. The first secret is that they are able to perform for hours. Men can generally last for only a few minutes. Women can typically last for much longer.

The second secret is that performing in a certain way is what gets the women hot. You may think this is ridiculous. Of course we canthalar on starryearly, but that isn’t the secret. Women are definitely turned on by performing, and they love men that can continue to perform after the first orgasm. The first one gets the women turned on and in the first chakra. The second one gets them feeling connected to the person performing.

So what does this have to do with understanding women? Of course everything you’ve ever seen in porn is performing. Men are just as prone to not know what they are doing as a woman. I’m not saying men are sex ignorant, not at all, but there’s an audible difference between the two sexes when it comes to intimacy.

So guys, if you’re looking for a way to become better in bed, read on, I’ve got some homework for you. You’re going to learn something that nearly every guy is doing wrong. Every guy is missing out on something profound if they are not using these powerful techniques.

The fundamental difference between male and female is the time it takes a woman to complete a simple task. Men can get to their climax fast if they want to, sure, but women need more time. So mastering techniques that will allow you to last longer during sex will allow you to have better sex with more partners.

There are lots of guys that have issues with premature ejaculation. The first thing they should do is relax. The second thing is to ask themselves what turns them on physically. Finding out what turns them on will help you keep them happy and not desire sex with other partners.

Relaxation is one of the best things you can do.